News from the Bitcoin world

Clean up action

It was about time to clean up our Bitcoin faucet list. Again it shows that quality instead of quantity is the right way.

New microwallet service

Since a few days the new microwallet service combines the following faucets:


May 28th 2017

The best websites of DigitalArtists are now listet on

For redeeming your free Satoshis you need a Coinbase wallet.

Autosurf and Youtube videos

May 16th 2017

4BC Network has been added hinzugefügt. Here you can earn Bitcoins via autosurf and YouTube videos!

New faucets

May 2nd 2017

The list grows. Some more faucets that let you earn free Bitcoins every 5 minutes were added. JoinCoin Club is a faucet giving away free Satoshis every 4 hours.

Some more mini games

April 11th 2017

5 new mini games were added to the list. This are ShipBattles, BattleCoin, Boom Faucet, Frog Faucet and Field of Bitcon

New Entries

March 5th 2017

We have some new entries in list. With and Coinbulb the PTC list grows further. BitsSurfer is a fresh new entry in the auto-surf list. Fautsy pays you every 5 minutes free Satoshi onto account and Bitsler is a nice dice game with 300 Satoshi for free.

Earn Bitcoins with games

February 5th 2017

Do you want to get some Satoshis while playing some nice little games? Go to Bit Fun and earn some free Bitcoins with over 400 games!

Beside this special site we added a lot more to earn more free Bitcoins. Just have a look at our growing list of Bitcoin faucets!

New input

January 31st 2017

We just integrated a lot of new faucets and possibilities for free Bitcoins!

Cleaning up

January 18th 2017

We removed some dead and uninteresting faucets. New stuff comes in a few days!

New category: Listen to radio

August 13th 2016

There’s a new category for you: Listen to radio! Now you can listen to various streams and earn free Bitcoins.

Rehabilitating and futher news

July 30th, 2016 got rehabilitatet. Payments might not be processed within the promised 24 hours, but they get done.

Bad news: Bitcoin Zebra, an old and long loved faucet has gone and was transferred into a Bitcoin casino.

A warning on

July 6th 2016

Sadly, we took off, a very popular faucet, from our favourites and the list itself. We are waiting for 2 withdrawels off 100k Satoshi since June 29th. If these payouts come in, we might set it back onto the list.

Newly added faucets

June 15th 2016

We have new faucets! Two faucets with 120 minutes delay and one with 60 minutes: YouBit, Dogs Faucet and Zoo Bitcoin.

New adddtions

June 6th 2016

We added Claim BTC, Easy Bitcoin Faucet and Take Free Bitcoin as new faucets. CoinAdder has been added in the PTC section.

Late spring cleaning

May 30th 2016

We cleaned up a bit. Soon new faucets will be added to our list. Sadly, many new faucets tend to have the lifespan of a dayfly. We don’t want to list these things. They just mean a lot of work and no benefit to our Bitcoin fans.

Earn Bitcoins with playing games!

February 19th, 2016

Next to some more new faucets we added They provide games that let you earn free Bitcoins while playing!

New year, new faucets

January 6th, 2016

Year 2016 starts with a refurbished and extended faucet list. Finally there’s a free bitcoin lottery again: YABTCL. Have fun!

Year-end’s update

December 31st, 2015

We wish you all a well, successful and Bitcoin-heavy year 2016.
Next to some new faucets we implemented some Paytoshi faucets. Exploring of profitable faucets is still in progress.


December 8th, 2015

With today’s update the (profitable) ePay faucets were added to the list. Have fun!

Bugfixes and a hit-faucet

December 3rd, 2015

A relaunch is never so smooth as intended and there might be bugs sometimes – probably they’re fixed now.

Nonetheless there’s a new cracking faucet – Bonus Bitcoin! Receive up to 5,000 Satoshi every minutes plus a bonus of 5% every day (you have to claim the faucet at least once a day), Go, sign up!

News dice games with free Bitcoins

November 21st, 2015

A small update today brings two new dice games that let you play with free Bitcoins.

Signs of life

November 12th, 2015 has been revived and will update you with new Bitcoin faucets news dealing with Bitcoins regularly.

We removed dead faucets and added new amazing free Bitcoin sources. More are coming!