Bitcoins for free!

You can mine Bitcoins yourself of buy them … everything’s possible! But a cheaper way is getting some of these digital coins for free! Here on you can find websites and services that give Bitcoins for free away!

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Out Bitcoin favourites

We recommend you checking this Bitcoin faucets, because we do it every day!

One-time Bitcoin faucets

Receive a one-time free Bitcoin payment. You may have to register.

Every 24 hours

These faucets give you free Bitcoins once a day.

Bitcoins every 3 minutes

Receive free Bitcoins at least every 3 minutes.

Bitcoins every 5 minutes

Receive free Bitcoins at least every 5 minutes.

Every 10 minutes

At these faucets you receive free Bitcoins every 10 minutes.

Every 15 minutes

At these faucets you receive free Bitcoins every 15 minutes.

Every 20 minutes

After 20 minutes it rains new Bitcoins!

Every 90 minutes

At these faucets you receive free Bitcoins every 90 minutes.

Every 4 hours

At these facuets you receive free Bitcoins every four hours.

Every 12 hours

Get free Bitcoins every 12 hours.

Multiple possibilities

These services offer multiple forms of earning free Bitcoins.


Take part in a free lottery and win Bitcoins

  • YABTL Win Bitcoins with 3 free lottery tickets per day.


Get some free Bitcoins on these mini games and win free Bitcoins!

Paid to click

Paid to click (PTC) – earn free Bitcoins with clicking ads.

Bitcoins with ads

Do you have a website, a blog or the internet is your home? Place banner ads and use short-URLs to earn free Bitcoins.

  • A-Ads Anonymous Ads is one of the old hands in the Bitcoin advertisment networks.
  • Coin URL Here you can use banner ads and short-URLS
  • You need a Mellow Ads account for this URL shortener
  • Mellow Ads Get free satoshis for your ads once a day
  • AdBit AdBit also provides a faucet where you can earn free Bitcoins every hur

Auto surf – visit websites

Visit websites for some time and earn free Bitcoins!


Earn Bitcoins with your landline flatrate.


Earning Bitcoins with playing games? If you’re a gamer then this is your list!

Share pastings

Share code, texts and links on this pages and earn Bitcoins.

Bitcoins for surveys

Share your optinions and earn Bitcoins for taking part at surveys

Accept offers

Accept offers from these service and earn Bitcoins

Complete tasks

Complete tasks and earn free Bitcoins.